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:bulletgreen:N e w s

KaosKongo suggested a voting to see who is (still) active in this club.

1 - Totally new contest (theme suggested by someone else)

2 - Totally new contest + my suggestion for a theme

3 - Give this contest a month time and let it continue

These are the options, so please vote!!
You can note or comment, your choice.

All done! We are totally updated! And we were still having a contest. It's been a long while and I am not sure if this theme will work. So let me know if you want a totally new contest. Tell me!!!

Gallery OPEN. All the unread submissions notes have been deleted, so you can resend if you want. Read the rules though!

I am back! Woohoo! Sorry for the long period of not updating. But I will now. Still no internet at home. I am gonna update the memberlist first. Thanks to the ones who stuck around and believed in my return!

New members should check the Memberlist to see in which category they belong and then hopefully join!
We have 9 new members! Please welcome: whtmnk, since91, Andared, cutiekidd, LilaMascara, sarjan, Lovexthexpuppy, Doksuri, and killerchibis.
And we have 1 new affiliate. Check them out: Traditional-Artwork!


:bulletgreen:C o n t e s t

:bulletblue: Confucious Sayings - Make an image that shows one of the sayings in a funny way
Ever heard those funny so-called confucious sayings "Man who run infront of car gets tyred"? Or this one "Wise man never play leapfrog with unicorn"? Nothing splits you in half with laughter like seeing those sayings in action. What is your favourite saying in action? Draw it! Make the image that shows it clearly. Confusing sayings are just jokes if you are able to portray them. Also add which saying you chose in the description. That way it's even more clear to us. Have fun!
WARNING (from Kaoskongo): Some of them are borderline humour... so you may have to be tasteful in choosing which joke you want to portray...

:bulletblue: Time Limit - 19th of August 2007 till indefinite
Send a note to the club with a link to your image when you are done with the topic: Saying Contest Entry

:bulletblue: Prize - Your image will be the featured deviation
The club will feature your image until the winner of the next contest is known!

:bulletblue: Rules (Possibly more added later on)
- No voting for yourself
- Vote by leaving a comment stating the artist name
- Voting begins soon after 16th of September
- Anyone can vote, but try to keep it fair
- First made comment counts
- No contest posting and asking for votes in your own journal
- No thanking in the voting journal when the time limit is not over yet
- When someone votes, there has to be some sign of life at their account; it will be at my discretion to decide if your vote counts
- Deadline might be moved if there aren't enough entries
- If you can't make the deadline, note the club to ask for an extention
- Only one entry per member
- Minimum of entries = 4 members
- Maximum of size = 900x900

:bulletgreen:R u l e s

:bulletblue: There are a couple of rules at this club. They are nothing severe, just a few basic things. So to all the current and new members, reading the F.A.Q. is a must!
:bulletblue: Also reading the whole main journal is a must of course (which is where you are reading now)!

:bulletgreen:M e m b e r s

:bulletblue: We currently have 184 members.
:bulletblue: View our  Memberlist.

:bulletgreen:J o i n

:bulletblue: Do you want to become a member? Just note the club with the answers to the questions that you can find in F.A.Q.!
:bulletblue: Remember to make the subject "Join"! That way it's clear to me what the note is about.
:bulletblue: Also check the Memberlist to see in which category you belong. You can only choose one category.
:bulletblue: If you believe that your category really isn't in the list, then write the category you think is right for yourself. I will see if I should add that category to the list.
:bulletblue: Also watch the club! So you will be updated on our current events!

:bulletgreen:S u b m i s s i o n s

:bulletblue: Only one submission per 7 days (meaning a full week) for each member.
:bulletblue: Send a note to the club with the title "Submission" and add one link to a piece that you would like to be posted for that week.
:bulletblue: We are NOT a :+fav:club! Please, take a look at the original submission and at the true artist. Fav and comment at the link that is given in the description please.
:bulletblue: Read the F.A.Q. for more info on this matter.

:bulletgreen:A f f i l i a t e s & L i s t i n g s

:bulletblue: From now on we will have an affiliates list and we will apply to clubs that do listings.
:bulletblue: We have 55 affiliates and 12 listings so far.
:bulletblue: Check the Affiliates & Listings.

:bulletgreen:C o n t e s t s

:bulletblue: Collab Contest
:bulletblue: Passion Contest
:bulletblue: Erotic Contest
:bulletblue: Picture Contest
:bulletblue: Anime Contest
:bulletblue: Literature Contest
:bulletblue: Music Contest
:bulletblue: ID Contest
:bulletblue: Icon Contest

:bulletgreen:L i n k s

:bulletblue: New Begin
:bulletblue: F.A.Q.
:bulletblue: Memberlist
:bulletblue: Chatroom
:bulletblue: Affiliates & Listings

:bulletgreen:C r e w

:bulletblue: Admin & Owner

:bulletblue: Founders
:iconskritch: :iconharlow-rose:

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I miss my group......
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is this a club?
quite interesting, how can i join? =)

be looking forward for your reply!
skritch Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
Wow, things sure have grown around here.

Glad to see things are in good hands. :)

See you all later.

Love, skritch
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